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Here's What Your HubSpot Sales and Marketing Alignment is Missing!

If you’re like many executives, you had a big vision to streamline your sales and marketing communications with HubSpot, to do more with less and see the sales numbers climb. After all, when you searched Google for technology to help you do these things, HubSpot was at the top of the list. As they should be! However, once you start working in HubSpot, reality reveals your vision is not lining up as expected. Is it HubSpot? Is it your team? Is it your vision? Short answer is probably a combination of all these. The long answer is did you take the time to outline your vision, align your sales and marketing teams processes and then BluePrint HubSpot to support your processes and vision? Most organizations don’t and here’s what you are missing.


I’m sure your vision includes being the best at something, but you need clients to know you’re the best otherwise what’s the purpose of your existence. HubSpot supports building your brand awareness through several features like topic clusters.

Topic Clusters feature allows you to identify what topics are trending for your industry, service or product on Google and then identify content you have that matches that topic. This is important because Google ranks your website based on providing valuable and in-depth content around specific topics. Utilizing Topic Clusters feature in HubSpot helps you organize your content so that search engines, like Google, can quickly see you have valuable content and therefore provide your content in search results.

The other added benefit of Topic Clusters is to help you identify content that you need to create to fully support a topic you want to rank for. If you’re not sure how to build Topic Clusters to help you reach your audience, try these resources.

Missing Topics allows you to scan any website and it will return keywords used on the website. The results distill down what keywords are most used and relevant in your website copy helping you to build more content around specific keywords.

Ahrefs is another resource used by SEO professionals and their blog How to Build a Topic Cluster in 10 Minutes is a must read.  

Sales and Marketing Alignment

The blame game between sales and marketing is a long and standing war that ultimately stalls growth. Your organization cannot afford this war to continue as research has shown this has the most impact on revenue growth. Good news is HubSpot can help your teams get aligned through these features.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a great starting point to get in alignment. Many organizations use SLA’s to establish expectations and accountability for each department respective to company goals, marketing kpis and sales goals . Having an SLA specific for your sales and marketing team will define lead status and lead cadence as well as align lead conversion strategy.

As an example of lead conversion strategy, let’s say your marketing team commits to generating 400 marketing qualified leads (MQL) and 200 sales qualified leads (SQL) each month. Sales commits to following up on all 200 sales qualified leads in fourteen days. To support the whole teams effort, marketing creates a lead scoring system, as outlined in the SLA, to identify potential customers ready to purchase. When a lead’s score meets the defined criteria, the lead is prompted to schedule a meeting with a sales rep through a sequence of automated emails. Once the lead schedules the meeting, the lead is now a sales qualified lead and sales takes over. You can also set-up automatic follow-ups for your sales team helping them stay top-of-mind with leads.  In this scenario, each step is outlined in your SLA with performance expectations so that both marketing and sales are held accountable for their parts.

HubSpot Task Management Team

The last piece of the puzzle is creating a BluePrint for HubSpot and then setting up your account to execute on your vision. If you decided to purchase HubSpot and winged it, you most likely are figuring out this approach does not work. You need experts to help you set up the necessary features that will carry out your vision and SLA the most efficient and effective way. We call this our Task Management Team.

A task manager is a HubSpot expert well versed in business, sales and marketing process that can apply your vision to HubSpot so you can achieve your goals. A Task Management Team usually has several HubSpot experts specialized in one or two Hubs with one HubSpot Super Administrator. The Super Administrator is well versed on all things HubSpot. This set up gives you a solid team that you can rely on to get things done!

Take Action

These solutions are only the tip of the iceberg meant to provide a peek into HubSpot features you should be taking advantage of today. There are so many opportunities which can be overwhelming so it is imperative to have a strategy. Take the time to map out your goals and how your organization will achieve these goals with defined expectations for sales and marketing. Then hire a Task Management Team to help you properly implement and manage HubSpot until your staff is fully trained.

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