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Press Release-30 Day Test Drive

Digital Dragons Certified a HubSpot Agency

Offers 30-Day Test Drive to New Clients

DALLAS, March 29 --The Digital Dragons has been certified as a HubSpot Solutions Partner to assist its users in maximizing the effectiveness of its sales and marketing software tools.

The agency brings more than 20 years of experience representing health care and consumer clients, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, American Express, AT&T, the NFL, MedStar Health and HomeWell Care Services.

“Adopting the HubSpot CRM platform is just the beginning,” says Digital Dragons president Tara Chapman-Blankenship. “Optimizing it, especially to close the gap between marketing and sales, is the next challenge. This is where we shine.” Chapman-Blankenship has been helping clients get the most out of its investment in the HubSpot and other CRM platforms for some 10 years.

The agency’s work will focus on HubSpot consulting practices of OnBoarding, BluePrinting and (Re)Boarding the platform, day-to-day management and migrating and integrating client websites to the HubSpot platform. The Digital Dragons is offering a 30 day “test drive” to new clients while the agency does its initial work in onboarding or re-boarding to the HubSpot platform. “We want our client relationships to be tied to good work and good chemistry, not just a contractual agreement” says Digital Dragons COO James Chin.

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